terça-feira, outubro 24, 2006

Presidenciais Francesas - Wishlists

Nicolas Sarkozy:

- to cut payroll and employee levies that make labour costs especially expensive in France
- a “social value added tax” to pay for social security costs instead
- loosening of 35-hour week to enable staff to work more if they choose
- obligation to perform community work for unemployment benefit
- a single labour contract to encourage hiring, replacing mix of permanent and fixed-term contracts
- finance for life-long training
- directors’ salaries to be set at AGMs
- stock options to all employees
- positive discrimination (affirmative action) for minorities in workforce

Ségolène Royal:

- to repair “injustice” inflicted on workers by dictatorship of capital markets.
- to raise incomes of lower-paid
- to make the 35-hour working week fair for all
- more flexible labour law in return for greater employment security
- compulsory trade union union membership
- penalties for companies that move production abroad
- “social harmonisation” in EU: no British opt-out on working time
- big incentives for environmental protection
- direct democracy: citizens’ “juries” to evaluate government performance

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